About Us

This is a short story about two young people, in their twenties, who meet for the first time, at the beginning of the nineties in a vineyard in Beaujolais, France.

A few months earlier, Piotr, with his brother, set sail from Poland on a sailing yacht, which they built together. Their goal, the Mediterranean Sea, with the mast on deck, as they navigated the route through the channels of Europe (Germany, France).

Five years later these two young people meet again, this time on board a yacht in Italy and from that moment onwards, they continue to sail together - Piot as skipper, Alexandra as a chef and deck hand, and spend the next few years sailing the Mediterranean Sea, visiting Greece, Turkey, Croatia and France and then the Atlantic and Caribbean, where they continue their passion for sailing large luxury sailing yachts between the islands, with many and varied groups of tourists aboard.

After career at sea spanning a decade, they made a career break. With a van converted to provide accommodation, they set off on an adventure to discover Spain, where after a six-month journey they discovered and fell in love with the Costa Tropical (southern Andalusia) and the surrounding valleys and tropical fruit plantations. And it was here that they decided to settle down on a piece of land they purchased, which used to be a plantation of almonds.

In the Tropical Valley (Valle Tropical) and next to the village of Jete, they found this charming location surrounded by avocado plantations, nispero, chirimoya, oranges, mango ...

All conditions for staying here are met:

For Alexandra from Grenoble (France) a mountain environment, the proximity to the Sierra Nevada and for Piotr, the sea and sea breeze. For both of them, it is the sunshine, climate, wild herbs and flowers, the scent of lavender, rosemary, frog concerts, and the opportunity to have their own organic vegetable garden throughout the year.

The adventure continues and the family is growing. The camping car has been replaced with a cross-country vehicle needed to build in the mountain conditions.

They designed and constructed a large water tank, then built the passive house for guests who wished to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of busy resorts, but preferred to be in the vicinity of mountains and sea in a comfortable villa with pool surrounded by trees and fruits.

(We planted 100 subtropical and mediterranean trees!)

Guests, which we hope you may be.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to visit this piece of European paradise, Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical and we are available to help you realize your dreams in an exotic, yet comfortable place, in the middle of the nature!

A wide range of one-day attractions is available: mountains, skiing, diving, kayaks, and of course, the best information on restaurants, tapas bars, beaches, local fiestas, etc.

We speak Polish, French, English, Spanish and German.