Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair | Villa Colina Tropical

The villa Colina Tropical has been designed to allow families or groups of friends including one or two wheelchair users to spend a great time in Spain in the heart of the Valle Tropical (tropical valley), Andalusia.

During the construction of the house, we strived to comply with maximum accessibility standards.  

150-cm-wide turning areas in the living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms.

Small details that make a big difference: dining table high enough to sit at with the wheelchair, ramps on stairs, mini ramps to access the terraces from the bedrooms, high-mounted refrigerator for an easier access to cold drinks...

The bathrooms (sliding doors) are equipped with grab bars near the toilets and in the showers. The toilets are higher. Space under the sink was left open to allow passage of the legs. 

We have also equipped the pool with a crane that allows you to enjoy a good swim .

We offer you

​a​n all-terrain electric wheelchair (Meyra) free-of-use to drive outside

The mountains (even skiing in the Sierra Nevada), the sea... everything becomes possible!

Warning: The access road to the villa is a narrow 2,5 km ascent, passing through avocado and mango plantations, with a concrete floor that has speed bumps and steep curves. People with muscle weakness should be well restrained and have a head retraint that holds laterally. The car should have a height of 20 cm between chassis and ground. We offer help to lift luggage if you want to leave the car downstairs, but we do not have a car adapted to carry a person in an electric wheelchair.


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